Water Audit Council

Water Audit council Star Rating

The WAC star rating system is voluntary, comprehensive and user friendly. It aims to rate the buildings demonstrating water neutral/water positive measures within the building.

To achieve WAC star rating certification, a project earns points by adhering to prerequisites and credits based on different water conservation parameters.

Process of certification




Collection of data through site visits


Data analysis and identification of measures to be implemented


Monitoring and verification for WAC star rating compliance


Submission of audit findings and certification achieved by the facility

Organizations interested in getting their buildings audited and obtaining certification through the Water Audit and Certification program can initiate the registration process by submitting an application form. The concerned facility will be audited and awarded credit points for its water conservation measures on a scale of total 100 points. A building must meet mandatory requirement of at least 30 credit points to achieve a star rating of 3. Credits more than 30 shall be assigned the star rating as under:

Star rating VS Total Credits

80 + Credits

60-80 Credits

30-60 Credits

Out of 100

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