Water Audit Council

At WAC, we are committed to more than just offering water audit services. Our vocational center aims to provide diverse opportunities in the field of water auditing and management. Our training programs are meticulously designed to impart comprehensive knowledge of water auditing processes, blending theoretical understanding with practical experience facilitated by industry experts. Through lectures, group exercises, discussions, and industry exposure visits, participants gain invaluable insights into water management practices.


Training for Professionals of Water Audit

Paid training opportunity aimed to equip professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct water audits of facilities of built-up sector. Water Audit Council will train the participants on methodology to collect data of water audit. It will include site visits and carrying out pre-survey data collection and share with WAC.

Benefits include the chance to join the esteemed ranks of the Water Audit Council, alongside gaining valuable experience and earning potential.

Who can apply?
Students, professionals and interns looking for work in the field of water audit and water management.


For plumbers and electricians

Our paid workshop caters to plumbers and electricians, equipping them with specialized skills in leak detection, electrical wiring, and other operational expertise crucial for effective water management.


Training For individuals

This comprehensive program offers professional certification as an auditor. Participants will learn about the following:

  • Introduction to water audit 
  • Advance concepts of water accounting
  • Monitoring and Metering in industries
  • Preparation of Water Audit Questionnaire
  • Concept of water positivity and neutrality
  • Efficient wastewater treatment technologies
  • Recycling and reuse practices

Who can apply?
Industry professionals, EHS officials, Environmental Consultants, Environment Engineers, Environment Regulators, Environmental laboratories, Academic institutions, Students, Research scholars, and others aspiring to work in the field of water audit and water management.

Upon completing the training, you will become a certified water auditor. As a certified Water Auditor you will get empanelled with the Water Audit Council,. You will conduct water audit and after verification, built space will be issued and certificate if found suitable. You will collaborate with the WAC under a revenue-sharing arrangement.

For more information

Madhubanti Dutta: info@wateraudit.in

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